1950s Robot Egg Cup

This is a hand decorated egg cup made from slip cast earthenware. It is approximately 6.5cm tall and 3.5cm wide. The straw coloured slip is applied before the glaze and the digital transfers are long lasting.

The decoration is based on my pen and ink drawings of 1950’s tin robots. The sketches were scanned and computer manipulated (scaled down) before being made into transfers. Gold lustre adds a decadent touch.

The item is technically dishwasher proof but I cannot accept responsibility for cracks in the glaze or fading of colour that a hot wash may cause. Placement of images may vary slightly from this photo as each item is hand decorated. All egg cups show the same four robots.

All items are boxed and wrapped in high quality tissue paper and protective layers of bubble wrap to provide safe delivery.

6.5cm x 3.5cm