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Nail Brush, Tampico fibre


Thanks to the one-sided bristle load, the brush lies comfortably in hand and works effectively with your every manoeuvre.

Strong by Nature. Brushes with Tampico Fibers.

The handles of these nail brushes are made of oiled maple wood and come with bristles made of Tampico fiber. The pale yellow natural fibers stem from the leaf veins of two agave species growing in the Mexican highlands. Tampico fiber combines elasticity with high resilience and a high capacity for water absorption. It removes even stubborn dirt without irritating the skin. Using the nail brush with bristles on one side has the advantage, that you can easily enclose the brush block with your hand and, therefore, guide it perfectly.

Fibre length 2 cm. Length 10 cm, width 4 cm.
Weight 35 g

Made in Sweden

Iris Hatverk is a small family run business based in Stockholm. With a historic focus on hand made bristle brushes they have now expanded into other useful, yet beautifully made and ethically sourced products. Biodegradable and natural these products have a feel good factor whilst simultaneously so very stylish.