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Frida Goddess Puppet


This is a beautiful depiction of the iconic Frida in paper puppet form. It is printed onto A4 285gsm card stock and when Frida is put together she measures approx. 32cm. This puppet doll comes with small brass split pins so has a classy finish. Her articulated head arms and legs have real life like qualities. This puppet doll looks gorgeous free standing or to make it more special why not put her in a frame.

Louise Burgess is an artist, designer, artist educator living in Hastings. The wini-tapp puppet range was inspired from a children's workshop she was teaching some years back. Louise designed the puppet kits for the children to make up and play with.  The children loved the  the characters and so gave her the idea to produce them more commercially. The mobiles came about by a keen interest in all things kinetic. The mobiles are lovingly and carefully constructed by homeworkers, here in Hastings.

The name of the brand comes from Louise's grandmother, a classy artistic lady who played the accordian, loved pug dogs and lashings of red lipstick!