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Friendship Bracelet Kit


This kit contains everything you need to make 12-15 friendship bracelets in 6 different designs. Contained in the beautiful package are seven skeins of soft cotton embroidery thread, a set of carefully designed postcards teaching you every step of the process to make these friendship bracelets. The set of cards are designed for you to complete yourself or sit around a table with a group of friends and make together and are illustrated with full colour photos.

Designed for adults (but we're sure lots of children and teenagers will love them too) these are a real nostalgia hit for those of a certain age and are such a mindful, relaxing activity too.

Once you've mastered the different patterns, and gifted all the bracelets, you can keep on knotting with your own threads!

Friendship Bracelet kit for beginners

This friendship bracelet kit is perfect for beginners as the detailed instructions take you through the most basic design up to more complicated patterns. Once you've mastered the basics you'll be able to move on to the next level of difficulty.

What's in this friendship bracelet kit?

Everything you need to complete this kit (apart from a pair of scissors) is included:

  • Soft Cotton Embroidery Threads
  • Bull Dog Clip to hold your threads while you knot
  • Detailed instructions cards
  • Measuring card on the back of the envelope so you know how long to make your bracelets

Friendship bracelet kit details

  • Contemporary friendship bracelet kit, made in and shipped from the UK
  • The embroidery kit is packaging in our beautifully designed envelope with a sticker designed to tell you exactly what's inside the kit
  • Plus all of our packaging is fully recyclable, and contains no plastic

      Chloe is the creative force behind Cotton Clara kits. Chloe started Cotton Clara while on maternity leave with her second son. It started as a side hustle and turned into a full-time endeavour! Her passion is making, and showing you how you can be creative, providing you with ideas and tools for craft and creativity, because it's so good for the soul! 
      Cotton Clara is based in Loughborough in a studio in a beautiful former textile factory.