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Posy of dried flowers


Dried flowers are having a resurgence, and we couldn’t love that more. Enjoy flowers all year round, and embrace the vibrant beauty of natural dried flowers with these fabulous bunches.

They look perfect as they are in a vase, or you can arrange them beautifully as you wish in a few small ones. Look after them well, and dried flowers will look beautiful for a very long time to come - even years. These are not very tall as a bunch, approximately 30-40cm. You can see them here as an illustration in a vase. Please note that each bunch varies, in this delivery there are less vibrant pink flowers, they are paler as seen wrapped in paper.

For the best results keep your blooms out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. If they need a little dust, use the gentle cool setting on a hairdryer, from a distance.

All of the foliage and flowers are naturally dried with no preservatives and there is no use of any bleached, painted or unnaturally dyed flowers in this product.

The majority of these flowers were grown and dried at Dead Head Flower Farm in Somerset, with carefully selected extras from reputable British sources and other flower farmers.

If buying as a gift for someone, we would be more than happy to add a message on your behalf.

The T’s & C’s

  • There will be slight variations in the colours and varieties of flowers and grasses used in your order to those in the images, depending on what is available at the time of purchase.

  • Your flowers will be delivered carefully wrapped to avoid any damage in transit. However, you may encounter a very small amount of loss of petals/grasses due to the dried nature of the product.