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Rwanda Kilimbi Hard Lines Coffee


Origin: Rwanda

Region: Nyamasheke, Gitsimbwe

Farm: Muraho Trading Company

Elevation: 1650-1850 Masl

Process: Natural

Tasting notes: Blood Orange, Caramel with red apples.

A superbly Sweet and Clean Natural Coffee, this could be one of our most exceptional roast to date. A fine balance of acidity, sweetness and great body place this Rwandan Coffee at the top of the class! We don’t expect Kilimbi to hang around long, so grab a bag while you can!

Available as a 250g bag of whole coffee beans or 250g bag of ground beans.

Hard Lines is a coffee shop and roastery based in Cardiff, Wales. They select, roast and serve great coffee that’s been sourced sustainably with the aim of building long lasting relationships at origin. They believe that what they’re trying to build is about more than just good coffee. They aim to keep it fresh, fun and not too serious throughout.