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Studio Janneke Grow your own Avocado Plant Starter Kit

£18.00 £9.90

Feel bad for all those avocado pits that end up in the bin after another smashed arvo and fresh chilli sourdough? It turns out, there is life after lunch! Enter the avocado starter kit: all you need to grow your own avocado plant.⠀

These gift kits are made up of a handmade ceramic avocado starter (available in different finishes) and a handy, hand-drawn booklet to get your avocado plant growing. Just add a jar and an avocado pit and you're good to go.⠀

You can also use to propagate a great deal of house plants including string of pearls, string of hearts and monstera. The book that is included does make several suggestions on alternative plants to try. The topper makes a simple jar into a bud vase beautifully.

Choose which version you would like from the drop down menu - terracotta, matt white or speckle.

Janneke de Jong runs Studio JAN.NE.KE at Turning Earth in North London. In her Studio Janneke creates small collections of feel-good ceramics, with a focus on handmade items, one-offs and limited runs.