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The Potager Diffuser by Botanical Candle Co.


The Potager (French for a small garden or allotment) is fresh, herbaceous and clean. The watery scents of cucumber and lemon thyme give a curious edge that'll transport you to a plentiful summer garden. There's a lemony softness which is bolstered by the depth of thyme, providing a homely base note that's familiar and comforting.
  • Top notes: Lemon, Cucumber
  • Heart notes: Oregano, Cut Grass
  • Base notes: Thyme, Petrichor

      These handmade reed diffusers are perfect for any corner of your home. They deliver low maintenance scent that's flameless and long-lasting. 

      Blended by hand in their Dorset studio and packaged completely plastic free. 

      Made in recycled glass jars with an aluminium lid. Ideal for those avoiding single use plastics. Each candle is blended, poured and finished in their Dorset studio.

      100ml base liquid - lasts 2-3 months

      Contains x8 unbleached rattan reeds

          Unbundle reeds and place them all in the bottle.

          Flip reeds once a week to boost fragrance.


          Eucalyptol, Linalool, Linalyl acetate, I-Limonene, alpha-Pinene, beta Caryophyllene, dl-Limonene (racemic)  

          (All naturally occurring Essential Oils)

          Started in 2014 by Amalia Pothecary and James Osborn, The Botanical Candle Co. Ltd is a home-grown business.