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Rioting Robots Jam Condiments Pot

£16.00 £8.00
  • This is a small pot, it is designed for being used at the breakfast table, so it is neat in size. It will not hold the contents of a whole jam jar.
  • There is a small niche in the lid, this is to allow a tea spoon to rest inside.
  • Hand finished in the UK.
  • Packaged in an attractive gift box.
  • Care card included.
  • Fine bone china.

The starting point for this collection was a special gift Julia received. This wind up toy, reminiscent of the 1950's tin versions, was made from very modern components such as ipod sockets and dishwasher parts. A continuation of this Julia let her imagination run 'riot' and these fantastical machines wheel or walk their way through a maze of spanners. A cheeky robot hides in the base of the pot on the inside, ready to wave 'hello' when the contents are gone!

Please note: If you order more than one piece we may use a larger box to package two or more items. Should this be inconvenient please state at the checkout and we shall separate each piece into different boxes.


Pot - H6.5cm W6cm
Lid - H3cm W7cm