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Canvas Gardening Kneeler

A rugged kneeler from Niwaki in heavy-duty, weatherproof canvas. Five glorious centimetres of sponginess protect your knees from cold, wet or hard ground, and keep you clean. Perfect for the garden but also makes a great cushion for picnics and around the campfire. This one comes with a handy carry strap.

Standard Niwaki Tan 16oz coated canvas.

Point of interest: they float!

Wipe clean only
16oz coated canvas
Made in China

H5.4 x W28.9 x D48.5cm

1997. Jake goes to Japan as a wannabe sculptor, to investigate the cultural phenomenon of the cherry blossom season, hanami. There he discovers the gardens, and the trees, and vows to learn more.

Back home in England, he trains as a TEFL teacher, meets Keiko, and drags her back to Japan. Year one is spent teaching, year two working at a traditional plant nursey in a rural part of Osaka, learning all about tree training, pruning and rootballing.

Back home again, Jake gets work at Architectural Plants in Sussex, where he is shocked to find people using FOUR LEGGED LADDERS (Can you imagine?) Brother-in-law Haruyasu is enrolled to ship over a couple of tripod ladders (still going strong today) which together with the robust secateurs and topiary clippers Jake insists on using, cause quite a stir.

And so begins the business.

What everyone starts to appreciate is that although these things are all Japanese, they work just as well in western gardens, and on a whole range of plants. Tripod ladders, it turns out, are just as useful for hedge trimming as they are for pine pruning; and of course topiary clippers work just as well on box topiary as they do on azalea karikomi.

You don’t need to grow bonsai to enjoy these tools.