Cloud Hair Clip/Claw


Move over dark 'n' stormy rain cloud, this iridescent cloud is sure to brighten up any day and any do! Measures roughly 7.5cm long and 5cm at its widest.

Cookie & the Dude is a hand-made, textile based brand that has been owned and operated by me, Helen Fawcett, in San Francisco, CA since 2002. The name spawns from her two beloved cats I had in college, CookiePuss and Xanadu. Cookie was named after a song by my favorite hip hop crew, the Beastie boys, and Xanadu was named for Olivia Newton John and her glam-tastic role in the movie Xanadu. His name was quickly shortened to The Dude when he became large and lazy, similar to role of The Dude in the Big Lebowski.