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Colombia El Carmen Hard Lines Coffee


Producer: Red Associations El Carmen  

Region: Pitalito, Huila 

Variety: Caturra, Castillo 

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1400 - 2100 MASL

Tasting Notes: Cherry - Brown Sugar - Rich

Red Associations works with coffee producers to achieve stable and sustainable prices for  community coffee lots through improved quality control, shared knowledge, and a connection to the specialty coffee market. Red in Spanish means network, representing the producers and roasters working together to create a sustainable value chain.

With a new infrastructure in place and a minimum fixed price for dry parchment coffee the average household income for a coffee producing family has doubled.

El Carmen is the first member of the Red Associations project, based in Pitalito, Huila. The Red Association in this region began with the creation of a drying hub, where producers from the local area could dry their harvest without the risk of rainfall rinsing away their profits.

Available as a 250g bag of whole coffee beans or 250g bag of ground beans.

Hard Lines is a coffee shop and roastery based in Cardiff, Wales. They select, roast and serve great coffee that’s been sourced sustainably with the aim of building long lasting relationships at origin. They believe that what they’re trying to build is about more than just good coffee. They aim to keep it fresh, fun and not too serious throughout.