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Isabel Floral Hoop Earrings

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Named after Rosa’s sister, the Isobel Floral collection was loosely inspired by vintage 70s prints of poppies, combined with her own sketches and interpretations of wild flowers.

The fan-like petal shapes are cut from luxurious hand-marbled acrylics, and highlighted with delicate laser-engraving. A teardrop pattern of etched and hand-inked mirror acrylic mimics the effect of stamen, and the flowers are highlighted with flashes of bold frosted acrylic at their centres. The mirrored acrylic sections feature line engraving to add detail and texture.

The Isobel Floral Statement Hoop Earrings are a combination of pink or blue, mint green marble and mirror. The laser-cut acrylics are backed onto a thin plywood base, making them lightweight and easy to wear. The studs and backs are made from surgical steel, ideal for those with sensitive ears.

*Please note, due to the nature of the hand-cast marbled acrylic, colours and pattern will vary to product photographs*

Dimensions :
Floral motif at widest points: 2.5cm x 2.5cm.

Picture is Caramel colour and not available.

Variant pictures for colour only  - all hoop earrings have fuller thick gold hoop

Rosa Pietsch creates an eclectic mix of jewellery and accessories, handmade in the UK. Focusing on mixing and contrasting materials and processes, inspiration comes from a range of subjects; from printed textiles, to vintage jewellery, colour, texture, nature and more.
From creating the designs, to assembling the jewellery, hand-casting resin, packing and sending, each piece is individually crafted by hand.