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Dinosaur Playing Cards

Dinosaurs playing cards feature 54 original illustrations by genre-defining artist William Stout. Throughout his legendary career, William Stout has inspired millions with his vivid renderings of mighty pre-historic lizards and now, for the first time, his artwork is available in the form of luxury playing cards.
A custom back design playfully references the traditional “rider back” aesthetic and 54 different dinosaurs (some peeking out from diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs) were drawn especially for the faces of these cards.
Made in United States
Dimensions: 8.9cm l x 5.1cm w x 1.3cm h
These playing cards are suitable for all games requiring a standard deck
Printed with vegetable-based inks on premium FCS-certified paper in the United States
Founded in 2013 by twin brothers Dan and Dave Buck after becoming wildly successful producers of designer playing cards. Their interest in cards began at an early age when they practiced card tricks, and pioneered the art of cardistry. Today, Art of Play is a well-known and respected name in the game industry for its highly collectible and limited-edition playing cards. Base in San Diego.