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Small rock bowl by Katie Timson

A gas-fired wheel thrown bowl inspired by rocks found on the beach. The colour comes from one of Katie's own clay body recipes and soft ridges have been carved into the outer surface which is unglazed. The bowl is finished with her maker’s mark on the base.

(Not suitable for use with food as the interior of the bowl is unglazed)

8.5cm w x 4.5cm h

Grouped with other pieces can look stunning, please see the other secondary images.

From Katie: "I frequently feel as though I was born in the wrong era and as a result, I can often be found in museums, old buildings and secondhand shops and I have more collections of items and ephemera from bygone times, than I have space. My collection of old natural history books, as well as the finds I have gathered over the years whilst walking are always a source of inspiration and have played a big role in the direction of my work."