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Foiled Window Star Card


Window Star - Traditionally folded from transparent paper to honour the changing season’.

Ola’s Craft Collection features a series of delicate papercraft motifs, each printed by hand onto carefully selected paper stocks. Smaller than their regular greeting cards, these are perfect to add to a gift (perhaps instead of a tag), or to send special notes. Each is accompanied by a caption detailing the meaning & origin of each design.

Each card is printed onto 300gsm FSC certified paper stock and is fully recyclable

Crafted in the UK

Premium paper envelope

Made with FSC certified paper stock

Blank inside

75 x 115 mm

Ola is a British paper goods brand established in 2013 by designer Katy Goutefangea. Working exclusively with UK makers, ola produce beautiful everyday items with an emphasis on craft, quality and traditional manufacture. 

Each item is a celebration of pattern and simplicity. Informed by elements of architecture and abstract geometry, and inspired by artists such as Sol Lewitt, Anni Albers and Donald Judd. Using age-old processes, such as stitching instead of glueing and ink laid with a roller, each piece has an individual distinction, charm and character that can only come from traditional craftsmanship.