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Go-Do-Buy-Eat Memo Pad by Alison Hardcastle


‘Go-Do-Buy-Eat’ Memo Pad by Alison Hardcastle 

Stylish and useful jotters for scribbling quick lists and notes on the go. Each page is lined and printed with a graphic pattern to make list writing that bit less dull!

Easy to pull out and take with you.

Dimensions: 10 x 21cm
60 printed pages of 100gsm paper
Board backed
Designed and made in the UK

By Alison Hardcastle. The brand started on a very small scale in 2005 with Alison’s love of illustrating, making and printing small editions for artists book fairs and markets. With a degree and a masters in Illustration under her belt Alison was not going to let her dreams of being creative for a living go. Fast forward a few years and they now work from a design studio in Alison’s garden in the Yorkshire hills. Influences and inspirations are wide and varied but mainly come from a huge passion for words, typography, graphic imagery and pattern, illustration and communication of thoughts and notions.