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Green 16cm Simona Pot by Bergs Potter


This inspiration for this gorgeous unglazed Simona flower pot Bergs Potter was found in a French flea market by the Berg family many years ago. Its gorgeous relief pattern and intense glaze render this pot a beautiful decorative feature on the windowsill where it can catch the radiant sunlight.

Also known as "La Petite Française", the charismatic and romantic style of this sort of planter was very popular in France during the mid-19th century, and its subtle influences persist even now. Today, Bergs Potter crafts their own version in a small village in the heart of Tuscany where each piece is made by hand from premium Italian clay. The quality materials and careful design create a premium planter, one that lets the roots of the plants breathe and thrive while retaining moisture in the soil — the truly optimal environment for your beloved plants.

The pot is entirely waterproof thanks to a speciality silicone treatment, making the Simona ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The warm colours and rustic finishes of Bergs Potter's handmade pots are certain to give your home a great deal of charm. Using the pots outdoors will further accentuate the patina, giving them even more character and flair. An under saucer is included with the pot.

Outer diameter 16cm