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Green Large Bolga Basket by Wicker and Weft


Bolga baskets are made simply with natural veta vera grass and no dye. Perfect to store children's toys, to use as a planter, or simply as an attractive storage solution.

These beautiful, genuine, Fair Trade Bolga Baskets, or “Tehei” are handmade by skilled artisans in Bolgatanga, in the northern region of Ghana, from which they take their name. Taking around three days or more to make, it is often the female villagers who use the abundant veta vera (or elephant grass) to weave, using traditional methods. The grass is picked from the top, leaving the stalk, meaning it’s a sustainable source of vital supplementary income for this subsistence farmer population. Goat leather is hand tanned and dried in the sun and then skillfully attached around the handles.

Wicker and Weft ensure the talented workers are paid a fair wage to make these stunning, durable baskets. Each is unique, differing in size, shape and pattern.


Due to their handcrafted nature, imperfections and blemishes may be present, but reflect their back-story and authenticity. The dying process means the colour of your basket will evolve over time. If you wish to maintain its colour, keep away from sources of bright light.

To reshape your basket, simply soak or spray with water for 30 seconds (avoiding the leather handle). Shake off the excess before shaping to your preference by hand and leave to dry.

To echo the biodegradable and environmentally sustainable nature of these baskets, all packaging is recyclable and made from recycled or biodegradable goods.


Keep basket away from all heaters, fires, flames, stoves, fireplaces campfires or sources of heat.

Please note; it is important never to leave a baby or child alone with a basket, as they are not designed as toys. Due to their handmade nature, natural materials, natural and commercial dyes used, the baskets SHOULD NOT be put in the mouth. Regular inspection should be made to ensure no parts have developed sharp edges, or broken into smaller pieces (which could pose a choking hazard), or become damaged in another way.

We cannot guarantee that the basket does not pose a risk to children if used in an inadequate way. Therefore, ALWAYS supervise your child when playing with the basket.