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Green Splodge Dinner Candles


Taking the humble dinner candle these handpainted sticks, as worn by all the best dressed tables, are undeniably part of the wonderfully colourful world of Archivist. These candles are not only sure to be the centrepiece of any dinner table but are also beautifully packaged in letterpress boxes.

  • Green Splodge design
  • Pack of four
  • Size of each candle: 32cm
  • Made and handpainted in Sri Lanka
  • Packaging made and printed in the UK
  • Safety Information: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn out of reach of children and pets. Trim wick to 5mm each time before lighting. Always place away from flammable materials, drafts and on a temperature-safe surface during use. When using dinner candles, ensure that there is a tight fit in the candle holder. Extinguish candle before flame reaches 2cm of the holder.

Archivist was founded in 1994 by Sarah and William Allardice to offer the highest quality Letterpress printed cards and stationery.

Prior to running Archivist, Sarah had a career with a prominent British stationery brand while William arrived via a roundabout route through the design department of Wedgwood and some time selling racehorses to people in Japan. However their vision was consistent—that Archivist would offer high quality letterpress products that never lose their sense of fun.

Sarah and William firmly believe that letterpress remains the best form of printing available and everyone at Archivist works hard to ensure it continues in its role as the unequivocal home of UK letterpress printing.