Orange Hiking Socks by Thunders Love

These Outdoor Collection Hiking Socks offer excellent properties as outdoor socks, they are made in merino wool and recycled polyester.

The natural heating, cooling and antibacterial properties of the merino wool ensure that your feet will be warm in the winter and fresh in the summer.

The sole of the socks and the back part are made with a special knitted at the inside like a "towel" so it keep the feet heating. This Cushioning and padding reduces the risk of blisters, hot spots, aching, and jarring shocks. Ventilation mesh lanes wick away sweat.

ADVANTAGES; Eco-friendly product, Recycled Wool, Multicoloured yarn craft, Unique design, Beautiful glimpsed effect, Finely ribbed knit to get perfect fit, Durability and resistance.

Unisex sizing, EU 39-45 or UK 6-11

Each pair is packaged in its own gift box.

Thunders Love socks are designed in a little village in the North west of Spain, at the bottom of a beautiful estuary, near the Portugal border.  They are produced in small family workshops by hosiers who have been in the industry throughout three generations.