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In The Woodland Four Pint Jug

  • This is a very large jug, great for holding water on the family table or orange juice on a Sunday. I also tend to use this size for large arrangements of flowers.
  • Hand finished in the UK.
  • Care card included.
  • Fine bone china.
The inspiration behind this design hides in the woods around the farm we live beside. There is a shy deer, snuffly hedgehog family and noisy badger. Our fox is very elusive, not like the urban foxes we know from living in the city centre! In fact the only additions Julia has added, that are not from the immediate vicinity, are the wonderful red squirrel and hare. They are on the jugs as we can only hope (numbers are increasing) that they will be seen amongst the tree roots very soon. At the base of the jug, on the inside, lies a trio of acorns. A little something the squirrel left behind in a hurry?

21cm x 11cm