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Jelly Mould Birthday Card by Keyhole Collection


A quirky letterpress Birthday card using the image:

‘General price list, September 1894, Army & Navy

Co-operative Society Ltd; University of Glasgow Archive Services.

The House of Fraser Archive: GB248 FRAS 313/16’

Keyhole Collection cards bring art and history together in hand-crafted letterpress greetings cards which are bold and beautiful, thought-provoking and tactile. Every card gives a new lease of life to images that have been tucked away in archives, museums, library’s and special collections. They show images that may be of small or great importance. Images that give a glimpse of the past with a quirky, contemporary edge.

Each image has a story to tell. Who drew it? Who collected it and why?

To find the story behind the image, simply scan the QR code on the back of the card and the link takes you to a page containing a little bit of history and links to the archive, museum, library or stately home it comes from.