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Konoc Oak and Leather Door Wedge


These are the perfect addition to any house with wonky doors that won't stay open, or with a child or two that likes to bang them! Or they make for the ideal 'new home' gift.

Optional personalisation with


(Please note that the image here is for illustrative purposes and indicates the style of text, not the correct text.)

Measurements: 16cm x 5cm x 10cm including height of leather loop.

British sourced leather. Handcrafted in Surrey. All the text is hand-stamped and not made using a machine. Slight marks can be made during the hammering process and alignment of letters can be slightly off, they feel this adds to the unique charm of your door wedge.

Wrapped in tissue. Minimum waste but still beautifully wrapped.

Inspired by motherhood and the ecliptic heritage & travel experiences of KONOC's founders - Sally and her partner Jay. They started on the sunny beaches of Thailand and have now launched their collection of leather bags and personalised accessories back here in the UK.