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Skinny Stripe Stem Vase with Handles


Laura Lane is a potter who lives and works in Cornwall. Her work is full of free-flowing patterns and whimsical details, all complimented by a timeless blue and white theme. 

These sweet vases are lovely on their own, in a little huddle or with the odd flower stem. Particularly lovely with sweet peas. 

small size is approx 10cm tall by 10cm wide (inc handles)

medium size is approx 13cm tall by 11cm wide (inc handles)

large size is approx 18cm tall by 14cm wide (inc handles)

Each piece is hand thrown and decorated by Laura in her studio and as such has a feel that you only get with handmade pottery. This also means that the sizes are approximate as she may throw wider, taller or thicker with the same weight of clay to start with.