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Le Chocolat Des Français - Organic Milk Chocolate with Crispy Cereal


This organic milk chocolate 41% will make you fall back to childhood. Discover this amazing sweet and soft recipe, but at the same time with 41% cocoa.

Crispy rice and quinoa chips leave room for a gentle and creamy milk chocolate. Crunchy tasting guaranteed!

Each bar is organic.

Net weight


Le chocolate des Francais has chosen to work with beans coming from the Equator and Peru. This type of cocoa is exclusively dedicated for “grand cru” chocolate! Like wine, it's environment and climate allow the cocoa to develop amazing flavours.

They follow the same principles for each ingredient added in the chocolate recipes. They are all natural and selected by a high quality sourcing, thus enhancing the fantastic recipes!

Expertly crafted to cater for modern gourmands and gourmets, Le Chocolat des Francais whips up deliciously handmade chocolate treats using certified cocoa butter and unusual flavour infusions. From crispy rice and quinoa chip chocolate, to roasted almond bars, the French-born brand’s exquisite collection of chocolate bars celebrates the artwork of local illustrators, painters, graphic designers and other creatives by incorporating their work into the packaging design.