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Loose Leaf Tea Infuser from Good & Proper Tea


Ideal for larger leaf teas thanks to the space it allows for them to infuse, this infuser basket is surely the easiest way to brew loose leaf tea.  Just place it in your favourite mug, spoon the leaves into the basket, pour over water, replace lid and let the tea infuse. When the tea is done the basket sits neatly into the upturned lid to catch any drips while you enjoy your cuppa. 

Dishwasher safe. 

    Good & Proper Tea is a speciality tea supplier based in London, offering a wide variety of premium quality, award-winning loose leaf teas, tea bags and tea accessories.

    Whether you’re loyal to a traditional breakfast brew or want to experience something new, their mission is simply to show the world how good tea can be, when it’s done right. All of their teas are responsibly sourced from around the world, with the team always looking for something special.