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Miesje Chafer Lavender bags


Beautiful and very functional lavender bags! They are hand screen printed and sewn by the talented Miesje. I would recommend them hanging in a bathroom, keeping moths away in drawers or cupboards. You can even pop it under your pillow for a great nights sleep. Sold singularly so you can choose your preferred colours, if you buy a few we will bundle them beautifully with a tag and string.

"My products, which are all hand screen printed and handmade by me, tend to be bright and bold; I like to try to incorporate a wide range of different fabrics into my work including cotton, linen, silk, leather and occasionally something more unusual such as neoprene. I am inspired by the desire to create things that are not only beautiful, but also functional and I strive to maintain a high level of quality across my whole range of products." - Miesje Chafer