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Mimosa Infusion by Fleurs D'hiver


Infused in a cup of hot water, the Fleurs d’hiver are combining aromatic herbs and honey for a comforting herbal tea. The flowers bloom in hot water and accompany the tasting in a moment of well-being.

Sunny, floral and beneficial, the mimosa is balanced by the honey’s tenderness.

These flowers and plants come from certified organic appellations of origin. The honey comes from French hives that are concerned about the quality of life of bees. They are handmade in small batches and requires a unique, original know-how and recipe.

Through this product, the honey from the flowers goes back to the flowers.

Conservation :

This product should be stored in a dry place, away from humidity and sunlight.

It is recommended, for its conservation, not to expose it to temperatures above 25°C.

From the moment it is manufactured, they are best consumed within 2 years.

While she was studying design, Charlotte Baverel has met local producers with the idea of creating a product that could be sold on the market by enhancing local agricultural activity. Among them, a herbalist who was passionate about the life of bees gave her the idea to tell the story of the honey that comes from flowers. She then created her own herbal teas based on plants, flowers and honey, on a wooden stick.

“I like the idea of infusing, diffusing, transforming, state change. Naturally, the flowers are infusing the water. There’s something almost magical about it!”