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Mushroom Brush


The wonderful Mushroom brush comes from Iris hantverk and bound by hand. The stylish brush is designed by Anna Doll and is a must for the one who loves mushrooms. Mushrooms should be brushed or cut off because it loses flavour when you rinse it in water. This brush with horse hair removes dirt without damaging the mushrooms. It´s also perfect for baking!

Material: Oil treated birch, horse hair.
Length: 16 cm.
Width: 2 cm.
Heigth: 2,4 cm.

Iris Hatverk is a small family run business based in Stockholm. With a historic focus on hand made bristle brushes they have now expanded into other useful, yet beautifully made and ethically sourced products. Biodegradable and natural these products have a feel good factor whilst simultaneously so very stylish.