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Neutral canvas planter by Anna Hepburn


These planters are made as an alternative to ugly pots or a really simple way to add texture to a modern interior. Roll the top down to suit the height of your plant.

We've got the mini, medium and large in stock, and it's recommended you keep a drainage dish in the bottom of the planter to catch the water.

The plants pictured are not included with the planters.

Mini fits an 8cm diameter pot // measures 10cm by 10cm by 12cm
Medium fits an 18cm diameter pot // measures 20cm by 20cm by 23cm
Large fits a 21cm diameter pot // measures 26cm by 26cm by 29cm

Select which size you would like from the drop-down menu. 

Anna Hepburn makes fabric pieces that last. Anna puts style and texture at the centre of her work and strives to use recycled, uk made or ethically sourced materials in all the products she produces. She loves indulging touch within her contemporary textiles and upholstery.

Anna has been using fabric since she was very young, she studied BA Contemporary Fine Art; Sculpture/Performance (CSM Byam Shaw School of Art), graduating in 2011 and has worked in fashion and as a set designer in London, and travelled Europe, Mongolia and Thailand all of which are influences on the way she works.