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Optunia Cactus


We hand deliver gift wrapped plants - generally on Thursday and Saturday, Bath city ONLY. You can add a message for free, we will hand write the tag on your behalf (for visual see second image of wrapped cheese plant.)


It’s not necessary but they can be cut back. Remove individual pads as needed to maintain shape and size. Use tongs to hold the pad and a sharp knife to cut it off at the joint, or line where it connects to the next pad. Pads can be calloused off to be planted elsewhere or shared with friends.


Prickly pears prefer alkaline to neutral soil. More importantly, however, the soil needs to drain well, as residual moisture or puddling can cause the plant to rot.


Prickly pears are extremely drought tolerant. Water every two to four weeks for the first year — twice a month in summer and once a month other times of the year.