Planta Recycled Paper Leaf

£8.20 £5.00

Made of recycled paper and shaped like a banana leaf, Urban Nature Culture’s Planta Banana adds a colorful, yet natural detail to your urban interior. Handmade in India, it comes in three different sizes and colors - green for the big one, orange for the middle one and pink for its smaller sister. These make a great pair with UNC’s vases or decorative trays.

Material Recycled Paper 

15 x 80 cm pink banana leaf
30 x 80 cm almond buff monstera leaf 
18 x 86 cm terracotta banana leaf
24 x 95 cm green banana leaf

Urban Nature Culture is created by Anne Marie Hermans in Amsterdam. She travels the world, finding beauty and treasures in every corner of the planet. Ever inspired by inventive minds and the incredible products that can come to life from that, her travels always lead her to find new products, hidden gems and creative people, who inspire her for new collections. 

Anne Marie finds ways to produce products sustainably, by paying fair wages to the talented craftsmen for great homeware products, and by using new and planet-friendly sources, or secondary recycled instead of new, raw materials.