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Pothos Scindapsus pictus ‘Argyraeus’


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 The following advice is from and for more information see the listing for Devils Ivy which is its cousin!

  • Grow pothos in a container that rests on a bookshelf or ledge, or in a hanging container so that it’s superior cascading habit can be appreciated. Can grow to about six to 10 feet over time.
  • Because it helps clean the air of toxins, especially formaldehyde and benzene fumes, which are often found in recently painted or furnished rooms, pothos is perfect for offices and living rooms, and because it also helps remove carbon monoxide from the air, consider putting this plant in your bedroom to ensure enough oxygen while sleeping.
  • Propagating pothos is also easy from cuttings. Simply place a cut stem that has a node on it in a glass of water and wait for it to root. Then plant in a small container.
  • Grow pothos indoors, preferably with bright, not direct light, although it also will tolerate low-light conditions. Tip: Pale leaves means too much sun, and loss of variegation means too little.
  • Pothos likes to have its soil dry out between waterings and therefore accepts erratic watering care. It definitely dislikes soggy roots. Tip: The leaves droop when the plant is thirsty and needs a drink. But don’t let this wilt-y stage go for too long or you will start to see leaf drop.
  • Grow in any well-draining potting soil.
  • Pothos is a light feeder, but you can give it a monthly snack with a balanced fertilizer formulated for houseplants.