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Rabbit + Cabbage Travel Mug by Thornback and Peel

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With an illustration that evokes the delights of an English country garden, this Rabbit & Cabbage Husk Cup is made from 80% husk and 20% plant resin. This reusable and environmentally friendly travel cup is suitable for everyday use to enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea when you are out and about. The contrasting lid and collar are made from BPA free food safe silicone.

The Rabbit & Cabbage Husk Cup is suitable for temperatures up to 120° and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Rabbit & Cabbage print is a Thornback & Peel original. The whimsical illustration features the chocolatey brown and vivid green of the vegetable patch with a cute rabbit and insects buzzing lazily around on a summer's afternoon.

The Thornback & Peel Rabbit & Cabbage Husk Cup has a 400ml capacity and measures 12cm in height with an 8.5cm diameter.

BPA free and biodegradable.

The lid and the collar included in the cup are made from BPA free food safe silicone in bright green to match the design of the travel cup.

Supplied in a giftable package.

The cup is suitable for temperatures up to 120°C and is safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.

Juliet Thornback and Delia Peel met in 2003. While retaining their day jobs as a florist (Thornback) and theatre designer (Peel), they embarked upon their first collaboration, a series of handprinted clutch bags. They set up a studio in 2006 at Cockpit Arts, London. A year later they established Thornback & Peel to create beautiful, intricate screen-printed pieces for the home.

They soon emerged with their signature style. Borrowing imagery that plays on artistic traditions, they combined modernist geometric patterns with 19th century wood engravings. Their work is inspired by an eclectic mixture of Victoriana, Mrs Beeton’s household management, Mr McGregor’s garden, 17th century microscope imagery of the natural world, Norfolk and Devon. Thornback & Peel is a celebration of the quirkiness of British humour and design.