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Rose Beige Glass Tealight by BCS


The first recorded use of beige as a colour name in English was in 1887. A tincture of rose or pink as used in heraldry. Standardised in 1934.

Made from hand blown glass, they are rich with colour and twinkle beautifully when lit, in a jewel-like way.

An BCS lion is etched onto the base of each one to make them extra special.

Big enough for a votive as well as a tealight to create a twinkling scene.

The tea lights are hand blown by skilled artisans and so no two pieces are exactly alike.

Suitable for every-day dining

70 mm D x 60 mm H

Dishwasher Safe

About British Colour Standard:
The art/design team of Jackie Piper & Victoria Whitbread have a shared love of colour & material exploration. Discovering an old colour dictionary in an Oxfam shop began a journey to re-establish this long forgotten brand. A treasure trove of colour & rich history first established 1931.
Out of use since the 1950’s, they acquired & accurately scanned original colour dictionaries. A digital colour reader established a profile for the many hundreds of colours created and logged in the 1930’s and these original colours & names are used in their current collections. Derived and inspired from nature, flora & fauna, as well as semi-precious stones & spices, the main collections include many historic & special Royal colours, designed and used for coronations & special events.
Aiming to be the go-to brand for colour in the home for paint & interior accessories as well as championing eco, sustainable & Fair Trade products within their collections. Established 1931, now 21st Century ready.