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Silicone Teething Toy by Blossom & Bear


A lovely good quality teething toy with two silicone beaded rings around an organic smooth beech wooden ring. A toy that is perfect for little ones to hold whilst soothing sore gums. Eye catching and tactile for busy hands.

Safety Tested and CE marked.

Materials: Beech wood, white and mustard yellow coloured silicone.

Sarah set up Blossom and Bear 5 years ago - when her babies were napping she was creating an outlet for herself and at the same time hoped to create a few products that other mums like her would love and appreciate. She started off primarily with teething rings and necklaces that could be worn and look gorgeous but be chewed on at the same time, something for mama and something for bubba. This really became the vision for what Blossom and Bear stands for today, fusing style, comfort and need for you and your little ones.