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String of Hearts


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  • String of Hearts Plant like heat and bright light but they don’t tolerate direct sunlight. They can be placed indoors in a South or West facing window with a lot of light and if outdoors, they can be in bright shade area. One of the easier ways to see if they get sufficient light is to see the color of the leaf and the gaps between leaves: String of Hearts leaves will be wider apart and lighter in color with less marbling if the plant needs more light.

  • String of Heart's water need is just like other succulents, so make sure you give them a good soak after the soil is completely dried out from the last watering. In the winter, the plants need even less water than summer. 

    String of Hearts only need infrequent fertiliser. They can be fed at most once a month during their active growth period in May – August. They don’t need any feed during winter, their dormant period.