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The A to Z of Cats Puzzle


A cat shaped puzzle that is bigger than a cat - a 58-piece puzzle measuring 80cm (31.5in) long.

A chance to learn about different cat breeds and identify your favourites.

With 50 chunky pieces perfect for small hands.

Laurence King Publishing has been capturing imaginations and inspiring creativity in new and unexpected ways for over 30 years, with playful and eye-catching games, gifts and books.

From an Abyssinian to a Zibeline, piece together 26 different breeds to get make one big, stretching Bengal. Perfect for cat lovers, spot your favourite breeds and learn about different breeds from all over the world.

Seungyoun Kim is a Korean illustrator and children's book author. She lives in Seoul with her puppy, Kim Pingu, a favorite subject of her illustrations and a loyal workmate who loves to sleep on her lap while she's painting.

  • 272 x 180mm
  • ISBN: 9781399603751