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Van Verre Antique Candlesticks


Beautiful, handmade, glass candlesticks inspired by the colours of Rembrandt’s paintings. Available in Grey, Green and Amber, they work well grouped together or as a one off piece. Every candlestick is unique as the pigments are integrated into the sand, so the glass is coloured to the core. The hot glass is then put into handmade moulds so it can cool and find its shape. Finally it is cut and polished by hand.

Size: 10.5cm x 24.5cm

Material: Glass

Origin: Portugal

Van Verre has several key beliefs that underpin their business: the original spirit of fair-trade, the conservation of craftsmanship and traditional professions, the importance of unity and building long-term relationships with both suppliers and retailers and the value of high quality products that are both beautiful and functional.