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Wooden multihanger by Iris Hantverk


A versatile multi hanger rack made of untreated birch wood. The hanger is designed to store all rinsed disposable packaging while drying before recycling. It also works very well as a hanger in the bedroom, hall and bathroom or why not in the greenhouse for garden tools. Since the birch wood is untreated, you can oil, paint or wax if you like. From Swedish brand Iris Hantverk.

  • Measurements 60 x 14.5 x 13.7 cm
  • Wood 100%

    Iris Hatverk is a small family run business based in Stockholm. With a historic focus on hand made bristle brushes they have now expanded into other useful, yet beautifully made and ethically sourced products. Biodegradable and natural these products have a feel good factor whilst simultaneously so very stylish.