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Yarrow Seeds

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From Bristol supplier Earthsong, this seed packet contains 50 seed minimum of Yarrow seeds.

Best known for its wound-healing properties, yarrow is one of the oldest known botanicals and a stalwart of the modern herbal apothecary.

Named after a Greek physician-doctor Achilles who used the yarrow leaves for staunching battle-wounds, yarrow’s reputation preceeds it. With a huge list of folklore names, such as nosebleed herb and staunchwort, you know that these delicate leaves hold some serious power.

Yarrow is native to a huge swathe of the northern hemisphere, from the green meadows of Somerset to the high pastures of the Himalayas. It is a tough and resilient plant that can grow in all soil types; it can tolerate very dry soils and can even withstand regular mowing. Grow it mindfully as it can spread, and your neighbours may not value it in the same way as you do.