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Woodland Offerings

Woodland Offerings

We have an offer to share with you, a really great one this week. But I will leave that until the end of this post. Because I was thinking about something to write about this week and happily have found a little inspiration from a personal favourite that ties in with our promotion.

I am quite attached to our 'In The Woodland' range as the animals it is based on live so close by. We have a den in the field next to the drive and the fox family tree evolves every year. As do the badger sets in the nearby hillside (though we see a lot less of them, often glimpses in the car headlights if we have ventured our for the evening.) A current favourite though is the rabbits, they are always so much fun to watch in the evening bouncing around.

And this is where I want to continue, with the rabbit favourite... carrots. More specifically carrot cake. I LOVE carrot cake, but I am not thinking that lashings of cream cheese topping are the healthiest daily treat. So it was with fondness I remembered cooking about 15 years ago a wonderful Cranks carrot cake. This did not have a topping it simply tasted great and moist on its own. I set about trying to find the cookbook, it was my husband's birthday at the weekend and I thought this would make a great alternative to his favourite fruit cake. I was right, it was easy to make (great when you need to fit in making it around an energetic toddler!) and went down well with the whole family. A triumph! So here it is, that brilliant recipe, I hope you might take some time to give it a try. 


150 g / 6 oz carrots

2 large eggs

100 g / 4 oz raw brown sugar (though I have used caster and it is fine before!)

5 tbsp sunflower oil

100 g / 4 oz self-raising flour

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp ground nutmeg

50g / 2 oz desiccated coconut

50g / 2 oz raisins


Grease and line the base of a 18cm tin. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees / 375F / gas 5.

Finely grate the carrots. Whisk the eggs and sugar together until thick and creamy. Whisk in the oil slowly, then add the remaining ingredients and mix together to combine evenly. Spoon into the tin and bake for 20-25 minutes until firm to the touch and golden brown. Leave to cool on a wire tray.

The offer...

A little something to share with you. This week only, from today, we are offering 20% off the whole woodland range. Simply enter the code SQUIRREL at the checkout. Use it to stock up the cupboard or stash a mug or two for that special occasion. And don't forget we automatically offer FREE postage over £40.

woodland butter dish £28

Let me know how the baking goes! 

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