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Small Heavyweight Tamarind Canvas Tote


A quintessential and versatile tote, made from a sturdy recycled canvas. Perfectly sized to carry in hand or over the shoulder.

  • Exterior front pocket
  • 22.5cm top carry handles
  • Measures 23.75 × 38.75 × 15cm
  • 23 oz recycled heavyweight cotton canvas
  • Machine washable

Recycled Canvas
All Baggu canvas bags currently in production are made from 65% recycled cotton. The recycled cotton fibers come from pre-consumer waste — recovered during the creation of other cotton products, like t-shirts and socks — that would otherwise have gone to a landfill.

Why 65%? When cotton is recycled, the process breaks down its natural fibers, resulting in shorter “staple” fibers than would be found in virgin cotton. Spinning together recycled and virgin cotton fibers results in a more sustainable canvas fabric that still meets their high standards of strength and durability. Simply put, a 100% recycled canvas bag would cost more and wear out faster.

Started in 2007, BAGGU create reusable bags that are functional, affordable and nice-looking. The Standard Baggu is based on the construction of a traditional plastic shopping bag but made from lightweight ripstop Nylon, and built to hold 2-3 times as much as a disposable bag.