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Ventresca Tuna in Olive Oil

Buttery, plump, and sophisticated—ventresca is made from the finest parts of tuna belly. Fashionably coated in olive oil and exquisitely sliced.

This is not your everyday tuna. Ventresca is tuna in a tuxedo, keeping posh company with Champagne and caviar. These fancy fillets are creamy and dreamy—cut from the fattest and softest belly muscles. Exclusively opulent, just for you.

Sushi lovers know ventresca as toro. And Italian language speakers can relate…
Ventresca (sounds like an aria) is named from ventre, the Italian word for belly.

Serving: enjoy with toasted bread and sliced tomato; pair with onion, herbs, and little gems salad.
Region: Spain

Ingredients: tuna, extra virgin olive oil, salt
Weight 120g, drained weight 85g