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Archi-type Georgian House


Archi-Types were developed by Peter and Penny Frost as an adjunct to their cardboard engineering business in the 1980s as a way to entertain their (and other people’s) children on wet holidays. The architectural model is flat-packed and can be assembled without the need for glue and scissors. A few extra characters or stage settings come with the model which do require this but they can be left aside. Once assembled the model can be coloured in and played with or simply admired as is.

This Georgian House is an impressive thing when constructed and has the look of Fornasetti.

When constructed it measures 23.2cm x 10.2cm x 46.5cm.

Archi-Types are now distributed by Frost & Kin who comprise Tom Frost and Teresa Murfin, Tom is Peter & Penny Frost’s son. While the model would indeed keep children quiet for a bit, it might also keep an adult occupied as well. The packs come with full instructions and diagrams regarding the construction with simple push out pieces of cardboard all distinctly labelled so that the right piece goes in the right place.

Pack measurements:

44.5cm x 24cm x 1.5cm