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Chief Witch Crown Card


A party hat to celebrate the witches of the world! Designed for Jo's latest exhibition at The Old School Gallery, Alnmouth, this hat features bold geometric shapes and colours as well as a gorgeous moon cycle motif for maximum magic and mystery.

These party hat greeting cards are super fun and adjustable for the perfect fit. Let the Chief Witch wear their crown with pride all day long and remind everyone who's boss!

Each is made from FSC card and comes with an envelope made from a mix of recycled paper and citrus peels that would otherwise be headed to landfill. Meaning you can celebrate your loved ones without wrecking the planet they live on.

Every Hadley design starts life as an original artwork: a collage, drawing or print.  Jo aims to use computers as little as possible; she believes that a line drawn by a human hand, with all it's wonkiness and charm, communicates so much more than a clean computer generated one.

Each card is printed on high quality paper using inks that give really vibrant tones and a stunning matte finish.