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Camber-top Toolbox Y-350 Red


A stylish addition to any desk, and great for on the go, the Toyo Steel Y-350 Tool Box is a sturdy steel case, seamlessly pressed from a single steel plate. The rounded handle is smooth and comfortable to hold and the metal design means it is extremely durable while still retaining its functionality.

Available in a range of colours.

Exterior measures: 373 x 164 x 124 mm. Interior measures: 349 x 139 x 72 mm.

Weighs 1.3kg

Toyo Steel was established in 1969 in Osaka, Japan. Toyo believes in creating useful and tactile products and these tool boxes are no different. Designed to safely store all your bits and bobs, from tools to art supplies. Crafted from one thin sheet of solid plate metal using a drawing press technique, resulting in the classic tool box.

  • Made in Osaka, Japan
  • Material: Pressed sheet metal
  • Model: Y350
  • Lightweight and durable