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Marble Blue Enamelware Dinner Set

£14.00 £9.75

This beautiful dinner set of blue marbled enamelware by Artesano comprises of 16 hardwearing pieces or can be bought individually.

This enamelware has an inorganic and vitreous porcelain enamel coating that perfectly covers the carbon steel which it is made, protecting it from oxidation and corrosion.

The complete set includes:

4 x Dinner Plates (10" diameter)

4 x Side Plates (7" diameter)

4 x Bowls (3X7X3") 

4 x Mugs (3X5X3")

Artesano Iron Works | Home Decor brings perfect pieces for unique decorations to create special ambiances and enrich dining experiences with color and style. Here we offer our dinnerware collection made from the highest quality steel enamel with a unique hand-painted finish.