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Multicoloured Porcelain Vase Orange/Peach/Lilac Marble

£30.00 £24.00

Stunning individually cast and decorated vases. Ideal for a few beautiful stems or as a decorative stand alone piece. The size makes it great for narrow window sills and fireplaces.

Designed by Yuta Segawa

Glazed porcelain

Slip cast - hand casted in SGW Lab's London studio

Size - Approximately Ø 56mm, H 178mm

Each piece may differ slightly

SGW Lab is a ceramic studio which was founded by an artist Yuta Segawa in 2018.

The mission of SGW Lab is to think about the significance of craftsmanship in the context of William Morris, to believe in the worth of human labour and to explore and practice the beautiful possibilities created by handicrafts.